All you need to know on roofing installations

Deciding on a New Roof

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How do you exactly know when you need a new roof? Is there a specific time when you finally decide, that’s it, I need to have a new one installed and replace the old one. Obviously, there’s no specific timetable. A good roof will normally last for twenty years and more. The main differences between a long lasting roof and the opposite are the quality of the original materials and the craftsmanship of the installers. Also, the climate is a great factor. If you live in an area where weather is extreme, you will not expect your roof to last that long, especially if it is always exposed to high winds, snowstorms, and heavy rainfall.

Roof Age

Another deciding factor for new roofing is the age of your roof. The age will tell if it is just about time to have a new one. Now if it is under ten years and hasn’t been subjected or exposed to severe weather damage and deterioration, there’s little to no reason to replacing it. Supposed it is already over fifteen years of age, a comprehensive inspection has to be done, the purpose of which is to see if the roof needs serious repairs.

You see, the modern roofing materials of today are built and designed to last for decades, provided they are installed and cared for with utmost sincerity. Likewise, it’s always a plus if the one who installed it is an experienced and reliable roofing professional.

Missing Shingles and Tiles Are a Definite Sign

One very obvious sign that your roof needs some serious inspection is when there are broken, damaged, or missing shingles and tiles. Obviously, you’ll be doing the inspection to also determine if the problem is an isolated one. You better hope it’s not widespread or else you’ve got no choice but to opt for total replacement. So how do you determine if it’s an isolated case or not? First, try to see if there are only a few shingles or tiles affected or missing. Is the problem situated in one area alone or do you also see it in other areas of the roof? Did you recently experience a storm or perhaps strong winds that may have caused the damage? By answering these questions, you’re able to determine if your roof needs repair or replacement.

Calling in an Expert for Assessment

So if you are a concerned homeowner who just can’t convincingly decide to either repair or replace your roof, your best course of action as of this point is to call in an expert for the proper assessment of the damage or problem. It’s no secret that the home is your biggest investment in life so far and you don’t want all of that to go down the drain by ignoring the need for care and maintenance of your roof. Even the smallest roof leaks will eventually result to major damage and even loss of property. So call in an expert now and have your roof checked.


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