Know That Roofs Also Have Enemies

It’s a fact, even roof have their enemies. While you are safely relaxing in your living room, the roof is up there protecting you from all the elements outside. But just like any other components of the home, the roof also needs maintenance and care, or else you’ll suffer from the huge expense or cost of fixing or replacing it. Know that there are so many factors that affect your roof’s performance. Knowing about them will keep you informed about your roofing system and how to maintain and take care of it.

Sun – When it comes to roofing install, repair, or replacement, the effect of the sun is always taken into consideration. Heat and ultraviolet rays will cause roofing materials to deteriorate faster than usual. So if your roofing company tells you that your roof is expected to last for fifty years under normal weather, don’t count on that if you’re living in an area where there’s scorching heat. Also, you should know that deterioration will happen faster on the sides that facing the west and south, so take the necessary steps to add more protection on those areas.

Rain – As soon as water infiltrates the shingles, shakes, and other roofing components, it will surely find its way to the roof deck, which in the process will lead to rotting of the roof structure. Put in mind that the presence of extra moisture will lead to mildew development in the walls, ceilings, insulation, and even the electrical systems.

Wind – Strong winds are a very fierce enemy of the roof. The strongest ones can actually lift the edges of the shingles and other roofing materials. They can even damage the gutters. As a result, working coming from the rain will force its way underneath the shingles and eventually lead to serious damage.

Snow – Snow is the symbol of winter and when winter comes, the roof is subjected to constant burden. When snow melts and then refreezes on top of the roof or the overhang, ice dams are produced. This ice dam is something you don’t want in your roof because it blocks the drainage system in the gutter. When ignored, the water will back up under the shingles and will seep into the interior. Ice dams can lead to roofs being damaged beyond repair and the only solution is replacement.

Algae and Moss – Moss is another enemy of the roof that grows on moist wood shingles and shakes. So if you have wood shingles in your roof, you should keep an eye on both algae and moss. The moment they grow, they will hold more moisture to the roof’s surface, in the process leading to rotting. Likewise, moss can expand and work their way to the deck and interior structure. Algae on the other hand thrive in damp and shaded areas both on wood and asphalt shingles. They also retain moisture and cause rotting and rapid deterioration.

Lack of Attention – Lastly, the biggest enemy of the roof is the homeowner’s lack of attention. Those enemies mentioned above can actually be prevented only if the homeowner is responsible enough to regularly check on the roof to see if there are any problems.


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